Collective Brain Design


Clothes make the man,
design makes brands

Design improves the world and makes life more livable. Together, we design the future we want to live in.


Visual design inspires customers, communicates ideas, transports messages, conveys feelings.
In short: without design, there is no marketing.

What we do

Brand Development
Product Design
Advertising Assets
CGI, AR & Animation
Web & App Design

We don’t need a briefing, we need a vision. Together we design the world of tomorrow.

Go live. Brands communicate through their appearance. With a strong brand design, we take the direct path to brand success.

Convincing at first sight. We combine functionality with first-class design. That’s how we design the product the world has always wanted.

Stand out by design. We manage to stand out from the crowd with packaging and communicate what the customer wants to know via the visual.

Stay in mind! We put brands on advertising spaces – so that everyone sees them. Let’s catch everyone’s eye!

Bring to life. With lifelike computer animations, we bring products to life and transform ideas into virtual worlds.

Creating reality. We develop designs for the digital world, creating a unique online experience for users.

Print it all. Print is not dead! The digital transformation does not change the fact that print is not just for looking at, but also for touching.

Why we can design?

Design is more than visuals. Design is functionality, haptics, the feeling conveyed.

Our team of brand & graphic designers noticed this already in the kindergarten. They were the best at wax painting when they were four – today they’re the best with Adobe, Figma & Co. With concentrated global creativity, we are supported by our freelancer network.

After the conception phase, we then design logos, entire brands, campaigns and products that simply work and inspire viewers.