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Digitization is calling!

The digital world is spinning at speed toward the future.
Together, we drive in the fast lane and finish first.

Why software & web
development are important

The world is becoming more digital with each passing day. To be optimally equipped, it is essential to always look ahead and step on the gas.

What we do

UX/ UI Design
Web Development
Content Management Systems
App Development
System Integration
IT Security
Hosting & Maintenance

Design is an experience. We’re a fan of designs that work. That’s why we develop software in a way that every use becomes an experience: intuitive, intelligent, and interactive.

Build it up. If you want to be present in the online world, you need a web presence. We build web-based applications that make brands visible.

Up to date. A CMS offers numerous ready-made functions to easily edit content on websites. We know which CMS brings brands forward.

Always handy. Apps are an integral part of everyday life. We bring ideas to the touchscreen and successfully integrate brands into everyday life.

Creating innovation. We develop programs that are as unique as our ideas.
That’s how we solve problems and create digitization.

Keep the process going. Systems must be adapted to the user’s benefit. We keep the engine of the company running and create work processes.

Next level, please. A bit faster, a bit smoother, a bit better. Better is always possible! We get everything out of what’s possible.

Safety first. With secure IT, we take precautions and protect against the dangers of the internet. So that internal affairs stay internal.

Welcome home. No web project without hosting. We provide webspace for web projects – and we also take care that you lack nothing.



Coding is where the magic happens. The Collective Brain coding team convinces with its creative and pragmatic solutions. The resulting code process is always neatly documented and traceable. This way, your digital product will work in the long run.
The Collective Brain tech team is perfectly coordinated with the Collective Brain design team. Use the Collective Brain coding expertise for your website, online store, app, or even more complex queries. We are open to new coding projects.