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Collective Brain is the head
of a globally distributed network
of creative cells for marketing communications.

We organize a worldwide network of experts from classic marketing to digital strategy. Our structure is unique and operates worldwide, professional and efficient. We understand our customers and deliver tailor-made solutions at equal footing for start-ups, mid-sized companies and enterprises.
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Designs made with global creativity.

We deliver creative designs, whether you need a new corporate design, content for your social media presence or graphic designs. We procure selected creations for digital and analogue channels and serve as a direct supplier or white label partner.


Creative video content produced globally.

Videos tell stories and stories sell products. With our global network we benefit from the inventiveness of our community and produce videos that make brands come alive. We operate as a direct supplier or white label partner.


Increase your competitiveness using collective inspirations and ideas.

Operating as a white label partner, we provide you with support in your pitch preparation. We deliver 10 individual visualized interpretations within 12 to 14 hours with our global network of creatives. You choose what you take into the pitch.

Collective Brain for Airport Hamburg


Overnight express for concept visualizations.

As a white label partner we offer you our support in workshops. We visualize your workshop results within 8-12 hours for you to provide vivid concepts directly in the morning after making the very first sketches. With our distributed creative cells we are able to deliver fast, flexible and in different time zones.


Digital product twins for your brand

Digital visualization outplays costs for elaborate photo and video productions with crew and studio. With the help of Computer Generated Images we deliver digital product twins. The innovative techniques of our global expert teams solve the physical boundaries and allow a flexible presentation of your ideas in online shops as well as print catalogs. We operate as a direct supplier or white label partner.