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Text sells!

… consetetur sadipscing… blah blah! Marketing thrives on exchange and creative ideas.
Together, we set new impulses and write history.


Copy is the language that brands speak. The right wording brings content to life.
And let’s face it, what would first-class marketing be without copy?

What we do

Web Text
Advertising Copy
Social Media
Brochures & Flyers

Let’s keep in touch. Good web text generates more customers, more sales, and more visibility. And it convinces Google, too.

Ambassador of an idea. Targeted text reaches people. Targeted advertising copy convinces customers. We send a message that effectively reaches its target.

Talking to the world. On social media, billions of people are waiting to pay attention to new stories every day.

Keep you updated. A newsletter satisfies customers’ curiosity with the hottest first-hand news. So that not only we know what’s happening tomorrow.

Blog? Blog! In blogs, we specialize in topics that are important to brands and carry these impulses to the customers. And we make Google happy with it, too.

Add to go. Brochures & flyers don’t let anyone go home empty-handed. The most important information simply to take away, look at, and touch.

Connect the world. Yes, you can also translate text with Google Translate. It’s quick and easy – but is it as error-free as ours?


Why Collective Brain?

Imagine hiring a professional copywriter and getting communication that works. That’s how it feels with Collective Brain. Coherent communication is the secret recipe of every brand. The Collective Brain copywriting team is also happy to take on translations, proofreading, editing, and get to the heart of your project.