Concept Collective Brain


T- 10, 9, 8, …

The concept is the starting signal for a successful mission.
Together, we plan the journey and keep our focus on the destination.


Goals, strategy and successes are built on the concept – it is needed in order to take off.
So let’s start at the beginning: Who? How? What? Why?

What we do

POS / Store

Follow your dreams. Dreams fascinate and go beyond the natural. With holistic marketing, we reach people all over the world.

Branding is everything. Brands have their own personality. It is fundamental to know who the brands are, what characteristics they have, and what they communicate.

Invent the original. Inventions solve problems. Innovative inventions change the world. What are we waiting for? Let’s take the world a little further.

Feel the brand. The touchpoint determines the perception of brands and how they are remembered. What do the brands look like? How do they smell and how do they feel?

Conversions matter. In campaign conception, we think big. Whether it’s a product or a service, we create stories that sell.

Think big – think digital. Digitalization stops at nothing and no one. That makes it all the more important to move with the times. We know the shortcut.

Communication is key. Communication is a central pillar in the overall concept – it paves the way to the top. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

We hate boring! Aesthetics is one thing, originality is another. Nowadays, you can’t inspire with mundane marketing. We have seen almost everything. But only almost…

Why we can do concept

Our team is composed of a wide variety of marketing disciplines. In addition, we have built an international network of freelancers & experts.
With this combination, we can develop overarching and integrated marketing concepts that work. We understand our customers and respond to individual needs.

Project management, design, copywriting, tech, video, and performance work hand in hand for us. From the first conversation to the final concept, we deliver interdisciplinary results.

Concepts alone do not make brands or sell products. That’s why we also take care of the implementation with our team.

Our references convince – if not, we will certainly do so in conversation.